Walter Perkins
Vital statistics
Title Physicist
Gender Male
Organization Global Dynamics
Position Unknown
Status Under House Arrest
Location Eureka
Spouse Susan Perkins

Susan Perkins (clone)

Children Brian Perkins
Played by Rob LaBelle

Aaron Isaacs ("young Walter")

Academic statistics
Fields Quantum Physics, Cellular Biology
Alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Known for Tachyon Accelerator
Awards Unknown

Walter Perkins was Eureka's top quantum physicist. In 2006, he built a Tachyon accelerator, which resulted in the laws of physics breaking down in and around Eureka.

Before EurekaEdit

Walter Perkins was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT. His first dissertation was on the subject of Stem Cell Replication, an advanced form of cloning by which a biological life form could be replicated cell-by-cell. During his time at MIT, he met Susan Perkins. After she graduated, they got married. He wanted a family, but Susan wanted to wait. They planned their dream house together, and soon a recruiter arrived from Global Dynamics to offer Walter a job. Susan wanted to stay, but Walter wanted to go, so they seperated.

Global DynamicsEdit

Not long after Walter arrived in Eureka, he replicated Susan using techniques described in his dissertation, built their planned dream home, and had a son with the clone. ("Many Happy Returns")

Walter's career at Global Dynamics consisted mostly of work in the quantum physics, including building his tachyon accelerator. As his deadline approached, he became desperate to make his invention work. He was approached by The Consortium who claimed they could help him. With the help of "them", a Sentex chip stolen from Section 5 was used in his accelerator, enabling it to function before the deadline. Unfortunately, a test resulted in a tachyon collision that started to destroy time. In an attempt to reverse the effect, Walter was lost and presumed killed. ("Pilot")

Recovery and Arrest Edit

After Walter's funeral, he spent several days trying to contact various people in Eureka from the time stream he was trapped inside of. This caused a variety of electrical issues around Eureka, and reports of ghost sightings. It was soon discovered that the "ghost" was Walter, and he was able to be brought back into temporal sync with the rest of the universe. Unfortunately, he was trapped in the body of a 16 year old and placed under house arrest for the theft of Section 5 technology.