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Jack-Allison Romance

Intro Episode

1x01 Pilot

Conclusion Episode


Characters involved

Jack Carter
Allison Blake

A potential romance between Jack Carter and Allison Blake is apparent from the first episode.

Major EventsEdit

  • 0x01 Pilot - Carter thinks Allison is giving him a place to sleep at her house, but she is instead taking him to the B&B. She also thinks he's hitting on her when he isn't.

On their arrival at the Bed and Breakfast:

Allison: Well, this is it.
Carter: Huh...
Allison: What?
Carter: Nothing. (laughs)
Allison: You didn't think I was taking you to my place?
Carter: No.
Allison: 'Cause I'll tell you right now, this isn't Madison County, and you're definitely not Clint Eastwood.
Carter: Well, yeah. He's twice my age.
Allison: You can get out now.
Carter: Yeah. (Gets out) You know, Agent Blake, just because you've dropped the subject doesn't mean I have.
Allison: Marshal, whatever you think is going on with us, trust me, it's not.
Carter: I was talking about the RV. (Walks away)
Allison: I knew that.