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Eureka had a variety of story arcs going on, sometimes at the same time. This page lists and describes such story arcs.

Jack-Allison Romance Edit

A potential romance between Jack Carter and Allison Blake was apparent from the first episode.

The Artifact/The Akashic Field Edit

Episodes regarding The Artifact started from near beginning of the series.

The Consortium Edit

For most of the series, the main "enemy" against Eureka has been The Consortium, whose local agent was Beverly Barlow. The Consortium believes that they have the world's best interests at heart. Their goal is to control scientific discovery, believing that the ends justify the means.

Walter's Tachyon Accelerator Edit

In 2006, Walter Perkins invented a device that could create tachyon collisions. However, when he tested his tachyon accelerator, there was an accident which caused the laws of physics to break down. After his device was discovered, it was locked away in Section 5. (1x01 - Pilot)

Several years later, when Kim Anderson was killed in a lab accident, Henry Deacon used the device to transport his conciousness back in time to prevent Kim's death. When space-time started unraveling as a result, Jack Carter used the same device to stop Henry from saving Kim.