Jack Carter
Vital statistics
Title Sheriff
Gender Male
Affiliation U.S. Marshal Service

Eureka County Sherriff's Office

Position U.S. Marshal

Eureka County Sheriff

Status Alive
Location Eureka
Spouse Abby Carter (divorced)

Allison Blake

Children Zoe Carter

Kevin Blake (step-son)
Jenna Stark (step-daughter)

Played By Colin Ferguson

Jack Carter is a formal U.S. Marshal and the sheriff of Eureka.

Career Edit

US Marshal Edit

Eureka County Sheriff Edit

Personal Life Edit

On his first visit to Global Dynamics, it was revealed that he has a Class 1 Misdemenor on his record.

He is a fan of baseball. His first night in S.A.R.A.H., he watched a recording of that day's Indiana game.


Friendships Edit

Romantic Relationships Edit

Allison Blake Edit

Allison Blake and Carter have a flirtatious relationship from the first time they meet onward. At times, the flirtation is accidental and made through a variety of verbal misunderstandings.

Beverly Barlow Edit

Beverly Barlow was apparently interested in Carter, at least on a sexual level, the first week that he is in Eureka but the relationship does not progress beyond basic sexual tension.

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