Global Dynamics is a top-secret research facility located in Eureka, Oregon. Global Dynamics, also called "Global" or simply "GD." GD scientists conduct research in all branches of science including, but not limited to, physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence, and weapons research.

Global Dynamics is split into several sections, each one requiring a different security clearance where researchers work on projects of differing complexity and threat. Section One has the lowest security clearance and therefore contains the least dangerous projects. Section Five has the highest clearance and work on top-secret government projects, among others, and the most dangerous research projects are done in this section.

History Edit

Global Dynamics was created as part of the founding of Eureka, following World War II, during which time Albert Einstein convinced President Truman to create a haven where the world's greatest thinkers could live and work.

Initially built as little more than a military camp with a handful of scientists stationed there, the town of Eureka and the Global Dynamics facility were added later.

Politics Edit

Global Dynamics is under DARPA jurisdiction under the Department of Defense. There is usually at least one high-ranking military official who oversees the facility. The GD budget is decided by the Senate Appropriations Committee, and securing funding is an important task delegated to the Director of Research.

Physical Arrangement Edit

With the exception of the pilot episode, Global Dynamics appears to be arranged as a series of levels above and below the ground, each with a section belonging to it. Most of the facility is underground.

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Notable AccidentsEdit

According to Allison Blake, an unintended consequence of at least one project at Global Dynamics was global warming.

A tachyon accelerator built by Walter Perkins using stolen classified GD technology caused time to unravel. The problem was fixed by reactivating the device and cancelling out the effect. Walter attempted a similar fix, but was caught in another time stream. ("Pilot").